Seminar 3 Angela Scarino Developing intercultural capability through language learning


The increasing diversity of learners of additional languages (English and world languages) coincides with major efforts to reconceptualize the nature of additional language learning towards multilingual and intercultural orientations. In this presentation and workshop we discuss some key characteristics and expanded goals of additional language learning in this context. In particular, we focus on (1) the need to consider the mediating role of language and culture in language learning, (2) the need for an interpretive, reflective and reflexive stance towards student learning, and (3) the development of intercultural capability through language learning. I will draw upon a range of examples from practitioner research with teachers of additional languages to explore these notions in practice.

Associate Professor Angela Scarino

Angela Scarino is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics and Director of the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures, University of South Australia. Her research expertise is in languages education in linguistically and culturally diverse societies, second language learning within an intercultural orientation and second language teacher education. She has been a Chief Investigator on a range of research grants. She has worked in diverse contexts beyond Australia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, France and New Zealand. She is currently the Chair of the Multicultural Education and Languages Committee, a committee that advises the Minister for Education on languages and multicultural education in South Australia

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