Tesol Seminars 2019

In 2019 the Department of Education, in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney, will present three TESOL Seminars. The first will be held on Saturday 25th March 2019. TARGET AUDIENCE Participants must be currently teaching in an EAL/D position in a primary, secondary school, IEC or IEHS.


In 2019 TESOL seminars will cover the following areas of EAL/D and multicultural education:

Seminar 1 Saturday, 25th March Learning to read in a second language [Read More]

Seminar 2 Saturday, 25th May Using technology to support EAL/D learners [Read More]

Seminar 3 Saturday, 17  August  Culturally Inclusive teaching & learning [Read More]

Venue for Seminars

Building 11, Faculty of Engineering and IT Building (CB11)

81 Broadway, Broadway, NSW 2007

Building 11 houses Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) teaching, learning, research and administration spaces over its 14 levels.