TESOL Seminar 3 – Saturday, August 21st 2021, 10.30 on-line

In 2021 the Department of Education, in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney, will again present a series of TESOL Seminars. As with the seminars for 2020, these will be delivered via ZOOM.

Last year, in response to COVID, an online platform was developed and this has proved to be very successful. It has enabled us to reach a larger and much more dispersed audience. Continuing with this mode of delivery, the seminar on August 21st will be made available online as a recorded sessions followed by a live Q & A session on Saturday morning.

This seminar will be delivered in two parts.

  1. PREPARATION: Video recordings will be made available for participants to access during the week prior to the Zoom session. There may be other readings or resources to look at
  2. LIVE, ON-LINE: A live QandA session that will take place from 10:30 am on Saturday, August 21st. The access codes for both the recordings and the QandA Session will made available to participants as they register.

Questions on notice for the presenters can be sent via the comments bar at the bottom of this page. Just enter your question in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box at the bottom of this page.

You will also have the opportunity, on the day, to ask questions via the Chat function in Zoom. Please make sure you identify yourself and your school before you add your question. These questions on notice will be discussed by our presenters on the day.

Target Audience

Participants must have TESOL qualifications and be currently teaching in an EAL/D position in a primary, secondary school, IEC or IEHS.

Seminar 3 Details

Amplifying the needs of EAL/D Students in times of curriculum change

In this seminar we will explore key principles in relation to EAL/D pedagogy and how these relate to current curriculum and syllabus change/review in both New South Wales and Australia. In New South Wales around 36.9% of students come from Language Backgrounds Other Than English (LBOTE) (CESE, 2020). Some students in these groups, especially refugee students and those from socially and economically disadvantaged communities, face challenges such as low academic language proficiency levels (Laguardia & Goldman, 2007) but all will need teachers who are able to recognise and build on all their linguistic resources (Dutton & Rushton, 2018, 2020; D’warte, 2014). By considering the texts we use with students as well as what is valued as reading, teachers will be supported to critically reflect on resources and practices as they advocate for their EAL/D students to support student engagement and wellbeing.

Websites that relate to this presentation

Reading: from The Conversation, 1st November, 2018 What are ‘decodable readers’ and do they work?

The ACARA Curriculum review site for ENGLISH

Joanne Rossbridge’s blog


Dr Kathy Rushton is interested in supporting students from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to develop agency in the use of translanguaging. As an experienced primary and secondary EAL/D teacher, she is also interested in the impact of teacher professional learning on the development of language and literacy, especially for students from socio-economically disadvantaged communities. krushton@tpg.com.au

Joanne Rossbridge works as a consultant in primary and secondary schools, especially with EAL/D students. She has worked as a classroom and EAL/D teacher and literacy consultant. Joanne is particularly interested in student and teacher talk and how talk about language can assist the development of language and literacy skills.  jrossbridge@live.com.au / joannerossbridge.com.au 

Practitioner presentations

Jenny and Kerrie explore elements of EAL/D teaching that have remained the same during times of change.

Jenny Newell, Killara High

EAL/D strategies remain compatible & current

Kerrie Quee, EAL/D Education Leader

Supporting students learning English

Once you have listened to the recordings – please add questions or discussion points via the ‘Leave a Reply’ bar below




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