Tesol Seminars 2016

In 2016 the Department of Education, in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney, will present three TESOL Seminars. The first will be held on Saturday 19 March 2016. TARGET AUDIENCE Participants must be currently teaching in an EAL/D position in a primary, secondary school, IEC or IEHS.


In 2016 TESOL seminars will cover the following areas of EAL/D and multicultural education:

Seminar 1 Saturday, 19 March Culturally Inclusive Teaching and Learning Event ID 122810 Applications close Friday, 11 March

Seminar 2 Saturday, 28 May Oral Language and EAL/D Learners Event ID 123222 Applications close Friday, 20 May

Seminar 3 Saturday, 20 August Using Evidence in EAL/D Education Event ID 123226 Applications close Friday, 12 August



Part 1 (9:30 – 12:30)

Associate Professor Megan Watkins WSU- Intercultural Understanding. To understand intercultural understanding, we first need to interrogate what we mean by ‘culture’. Using this as a starting point the workshop then considers a number of related terms: ethnicity, identity, globalisation and multiculturalism. Drawing on recent research in schools as part of the Rethinking Multiculturalism Reassessing Multicultural Education Project, it will guide participants into how they might then rethink practice in their own schools. Intercultural Understanding Project Reports A number of schools involved in the 2015

Part 2 (1:20-4:00pm)  

Deborah Stewart (Tamworth Public)-“Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes”

Maria Cutri, Mel Petrovski, Kimberly Bourke, Carmen Fenech (Greenway Park Public)-“Sharing our Stories”

Connie Karamitos, Pruni Mahdar, Rosemary Ferris,Rakshana Nair, (Lurnea High)-“So Let’s REALLY talk (know yourself; know your students)”